Welcome to Scouting!

Thank you for taking on a new role as a Scouting volunteer! Your leadership makes possible a world of adventure for the Scouts in your unit, while giving you the opportunity to grow as a leader alongside your child.

Scouting is a volunteer run organization. Volunteers spend a significant amount of time to ensure the success of Scouting in their communities. The average Scout volunteer gives 20 hours of service each month, and 96 percent of volunteers say they would recommend volunteering for the BSA to other adults. In fact, volunteers believe their time invested with the Boy Scouts of America helps them be:

  • A better parent
  • A better manager
  • A better employee
  • A better citizen
  • More patient and tolerant of others
  • More open to new ideas and opinions

We need you to provide the direction, coaching, and training that empowers today’s youth with the skills they will need to lead tomorrow.

Cub Scouts Volunteer Roles

All of the below roles are vital to the success of any Cub Scout Pack. Attending the specific training for your position will prepare you to succeed in your role; please visit our Council training page for more information and upcoming dates.


Cubmaster's Role

The Leader of the Pack meetings, implements program and provides assistance to Den Leaders
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Den Leader

Den Leader's Role

Provides the leadership and carries out the pack program within a Den. There are multiple Den Leaders in a Pack of various ranks.
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Pack Committee

Pack Committee's Role

The Pack Committee supports the Den Leaders and Cubmaster of the Pack so they can focus on working directly with the youth in the Pack. A Pack committee is an opportunity to involve all parents and adults in the family.
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Scouts BSA Volunteer Roles

All of the below roles are vital to the success of any Scouts BSA Troop. Attending the specific training for your position will prepare you to succeed in your role; please visit our Council training page for more information and upcoming dates.

Scoutmaster & Assistants

Scoutmaster's Role

Being a Scoutmaster, or an Assistant Scoutmaster, represents the unique opportunity to mentor and guide Scouters through their time in a Scouts BSA Troop.
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Scouts BSA Committee

Committee's Role

Being a part of a Scouts, BSA Troop's Committee gives an opportunity to lend your best skills to the Troop. From Accountancy to Social Media, being a Committee Member is a great way to help out your Troop!
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Merit Badge Counselors

Counselor's Role

A merit badge counselor is a key figure on a Scout’s Trail to Eagle, mentoring Scouts through a subject which they are knowledgeable about and helping them to advance while exploring interesting new topics.
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Other BSA Programs

About Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

The Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council (SVMBC) serves over 8,000 Scouts across the entire Monterey Bay, Salinas, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Santa Clara Valley. Our Council has provided generations of Scouts with lifelong memories through Camp Hi-Sierra in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Chesebrough Scout Reservation in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council is divided into seven geographical areas, known at districts. Each district has a Key 3 composed of the District Chairman, District Commissioner and District Executive who are there to help support you and every Unit in the District. The District Chairman and Commissioner are volunteer positions while the District Executive is a paid professional with the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.

Council Office

The Silicon Valley Monterey Council is run by a dedicated team of both Volunteers and paid Professionals who live and breathe all things Scouting! Please reach out to our office or your local District Professional if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.

More Resources to Consider

Resources for Cub Scouts

Pack Committee Chair – Article about the Pack Committee

Pack Leadership Description & Overview

A great and informative video about Pack Committees, planning, budgeting, and executing.

 Pack Committee Members Guidebook

CubScoutIdeas.com – Not official but a Scouter’s website with lots of helpful guides and tips. 

Scoutbook for the Pack

Once you are a registered as a Pack Leader Scoutbook is your online resource to assist you with managing the Pack.  Calendars, tracking and reporting awards, and communication with parents.  

Scoutbook now features special Den Leader experience that helps  den leaders plan and prepare for den meetings.  Details on what to do before, during, and after meeting along with the resources needed to deliver the program right at their fingertips. 

Scoutbook is free for everyone registered in Scouting.  Once you are registered, you or another leader can set up who is in your den and off you go!

Resources for Scouts BSA

Troop Advancement

 Tips for Increasing Volunteer Morale

 How to Run a Meeting  General Troop Resources

 Troop Committee – How You Can Help

Troop Resources

Scoutbook for the Troop

There is nothing more rewarding than helping Scouts through their Scouting journey and down the path to success. But sometimes the act of leading can get lost in the act of reporting, limiting the amount of time actually spent with Scouts. Scoutbook provides access to valuable tools and resources that will help with the day-to-day management of a unit, giving every leader more of what they need most: TIME.

With Scoutbook you can create customizable calendar of events, send text messaging alerts to Scouts and parents, easily access trainings and leadership resources… and so much more! Learn more.

New Units

Commissioner Resources – Starting a new Unit

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