Pioneer District

Pioneer District serves the communities of North San Jose, Santa Clara, Western San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Redwood Estates.

Pioneer District has 50 Scouting units, serving 1,700 youth members, served by 300 Volunteer leaders. We are proud of the 73 youth who earned the Eagle Scout award last year.

If you live in any of the areas mentioned in Pioneer District and you would like to get information on joining any of our programs, or participating on the district team,  please reach out to any of our leadership team listed below.

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Important Bulletins:

  • Join us at our District BBQ! This will be in lieu of our monthly Roundtable. Sign-ups are available here.
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District Leadership


District Executive

Alex Parks

Professional (Career) Scouter who gives full-time leadership and guidance through a team of volunteers to build community partnerships to support program delivery, membership growth and financial support for Scouting units in the defined district geography.

Dan Krent

District Chair

Dan Krent

Volunteer member of the District Key 3 who gives leadership to the District Committee, a team of volunteers responsible for finance, membership, and program delivery for Scouting units in the geographic designation of the district. 


District Commissioner

Izzy Morrish

Volunteer member of the District Key 3 who gives leadership to the Commissioner Staff, a team of volunteers responsible for supporting the health of the Cub Scout pack, Scouts BSA troops, and Venture Crews in the district. 

Membership Vice Chair

Bill Napier

Responsible for recruiting youth and starting new Scouting units.

Finance Vice Chair

Doug Gips

Leads fundraising efforts, including the Friends of Scouting and product sale campaigns.

Program Vice Chair

Steve Ricossa

Guides the chairs that plans district activities and supports various unit program functions.

Activities Chair

Nathaniel Lim

Plans and hosts district programs and activities.​

Advancement Chair

Todd Hauschildt

Supports and promotes youth advancement in units, including the Eagle Scout process.​

Camping Chair

Earl Jensen

Encourages units to plan a robust outdoor program and promotes summer camp programs.

Cub Camp Director - Vasona

Izzy Morrish

Develops and directs the district’s Cub Scout Day Camp program.​

OA Adviser - Hattape Chapter

Hassnain Malik

Advises the Woakus Chapter, Saklan Lodge, Order of the Arrow.​

Pinewood Derby Chair

Jeff West

Plans and hosts the annual Cub Scout District Pinewood Derby​.

Popcorn Kernel

Muhammed Luqman Jukaku

Supports units in the annual popcorn sale.

Roundtable Commissioner - Cub Scout Breakout

Your Name Here!

Plans and leads the monthly Cub Scout Breakout at roundtable. If you would like to contribute to Scouting in Pioneer district, please join the Roundtable staff!

Roundtable Commissioner - Cub Scout Breakout

Jose Flores

Plans and leads the monthly Cub Scout Breakout at roundtable.

Roundtable Commissioner - Scouts BSA Breakout

Richard Silkebakken

Plans and leads the monthly Scouts BSA Breakout at roundtable.

District Resources

District Roundtable –  join us at our monthly Roundtable meeting, the second DAY of every month. Give us an hour and a half and we will save you much more than that each month planning den meetings, pack meetings and more! Please view the Upcoming Events list at the top of the page for more information.

District Newsletter COMING SOON!

Follow for more Pioneer Resources including upcoming Roundtable topics: http://bit.ly/DrivePioneer


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