Scouting Stories

Thank you to all who have participated in, and given feedback regarding the recently launched “Scouting Stories” campaign. 

Due to a few factors and timing, we are pausing this campaign as of October 22, 2020.

Our intention of this project was to create a space for Scouters to tell their story, as part of our celebration of 100 years of local Scouting, and to update our data files for better communication. While there was a book sale included in the campaign, the comprehensive merchandise package was not of primary interest to our council. Based on the feedback we’ve received, we are re-evaluating the components and style of this campaign.

We anticipate reactivating this effort at a later date to accomplish our original objectives. If you have already participated with a story and/or merchandise purchase, we will be in touch with you regarding the use of your story and refund options.  Please direct your questions and concerns to marketing@svmbc.org.

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