Hispanic American Scouting Association

Logo of HASA

The Hispanic American Scouting Association (HASA) is a new organization whose main goal is to bring Scouting to Hispanic youth in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council. HASA’s mission is to achieve equity in Hispanic Scouting participation. In our Council’s counties, the Hispanic population is roughly 33%, yet Hispanic enrollment in Scouting in our Council is only 7%.

It’s time to close this gap! Hispanic participation in Scouting depends on parent participation but most units don’t offer training or materials in Spanish. Also, traditionally Hispanic families are not familiar with Scouting history, making it challenging to understand the many benefits that scouting can bring Hispanic youth, it’s time to change this! HASA will maintain and support a bilingual BSA Scouting community by providing material in Spanish and English. Parent training will also be offered in Spanish and we will encourage Scout leaders to be  fully bilingual. These are services that HASA  is planning to do in the near future to help achieve equity and equal representation in Scouts. 

To achieve these goals, they need your help and are recruiting passionate volunteers now.  If you want to make a difference in the local Hispanic Scouting community please join HASA as a volunteer.  There are many positions available. If you are interested, please fill out the details below. The HASA President, Ramiro Torres will reach out to you ramirotn@gmail.com.

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