What is Venturing?

Venturing is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth, adult leaders, and organizations in their communities. Local community organizations establish a Venturing crew by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community.

What is the purpose?

Venturing’s purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

Who can join Venturing?

Young men and women ages 14 through 20 (and not yet age 21) or age 13 and completed 8th grade, who are interested in exciting adventures like scuba diving, climbing, rappelling, and hobbies such as shooting sports, community service, history, video gaming, and more.

How does Venturing program work?

Venturing is a youth run and youth led program focusing on outdoors, arts, hobbies, sports, religious life, Sea Scouts, and STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Using the seven leadership methods to deliver the program including leadership, group activities, adult association, recognition, Scouting ideals, high adventure and  teaching others.

What will you get out of Venturing?

  1. Learn to make ethical choices based on the values in the Venturing Oath and Code
  2. Earn nationwide awards recognition
  3. Help find thousands of dollars in scholarships
  4. Have FUN while learning new skills
  5. Have FUN planning your FUN activities

How you join a Venturing Crew and Stay Informed?

If you are interested in joining a Crew near you or want find out more on specific Venturing events, please contact Dawna Wolfson at for more details.

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