The unit charter renewal process is essential to the continued growth of the Boy Scouts of America.  Internet Rechartering is an Internet-based application that is indirectly connected to the Council’s ScoutNet and My.Scouting membership data and provides the ability for unit leaders to complete the online portion of rechartering from their home (office, etc) over the Internet.

ALL PRINTED UNIT CHARTERS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 6, 2019.  You may submit completed charters earlier.

NOTE: Any units that do not complete the Recharter process by December 31st are considered dropped and no longer registered.

Paperwork must be reviewed by a District Executive with the help of a unit representative before it can be processed.

To begin the recharter process please access the online system. 



Recharter Instructions

Updates for 2019-2020 Recharter

Fee Changes

On September 17, 2019 the National Council announced that a possible registration fee increase may be assessed effective for charter renewals and registration terms beginning on and after January 1, 2020. Those fee changes were announced on October 23rd, 2019. The updated fees are listed below.

This change is being driven by the significant cost increase of the liability insurance program that is used cover all official Scouting activities, as the National Council has transitioned from a self-insured plan to a third-party provider.

2020 Registration Fees

  • Youth Registration: $60.00 Registration + $9.00 Local Council Insurance Fee = $69.00 Total Fee
  • Adult Registration: $36.00 Registration + $9.00 Local Council Insurance Fee = $45.00 Total Fee
  • Exploring Youth Registration: $36.00 Registration + $9.00 Local Council Insurance Fee = $45.00 Total Fee
  • STEM Scouts (Fall 2020): $250.00 Total Fee

It is important to note that our local Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council insurance fee ($9.00 per member) will not be changing, only the national membership fee. Boys Life Subscriptions Fee will remain $12.00

Registration Fee Scholarship

To assist with the increase in registration fees, our executive board has approved a scholarship fund for families needing registration assistance. To apply, download and submit this form:

2020 Registration Scholarship

2020 Registration Scholarship Spanish

Criminal Background Checks Required for ALL Renewing Registered Leaders

The National Council is requiring all registered unit and council volunteers who wish to renew their registration for 2020 to complete a new criminal background check.

In addition to the unit Charter Renewal Roster, Annual Chartered Organization Agreement, Youth and Adult Applications, and Youth Protection Training Certificates, each renewing leader will need to sign and submit the ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES & BACKGROUND CHECK AUTHORIZATION. Unit leaders who are being added to a charter renewal who have completed an Adult Application that is being submitted with their units charter renewal will need to complete the authorization form that accompanies their application and do not need to submit the additional authorization form that is included in this packet.

A sample copy of the form has been included with this packet for units to copy and distribute. Additional copies are located at the council office or can be found as part of the adult application. Each currently registered unit leader with an email on file in my.scouting will be receiving an email communication with a link to the ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES & BACKGROUND CHECK AUTHORIZATION document.

  1. Is the BSA doing credit checks on volunteers?

No. The BSA will only use these signed authorization forms for approval to obtain a criminal background check. State and federal laws regulating background checks and consumer credit checks require that both items be mentioned on the form since a full background check includes both parts. Again, the BSA is only using this form for authorization to obtain a criminal background check.

  1. Why is this being done now?

Starting in 2020, rechecks will be performed every five years, but it will take several years to recheck all leaders. Unfortunately, technical limitations and changes in the law over the last five years prevent us from using existing authorizations from older applications. As such, new disclosure had to be sent and new signed authorization forms obtained. Rechartering provides the best window to collect and verify they have been received before the council processes the recharter application.

  1. What about volunteers that are not registered with units?

All currently registered adults and employees who have not had a criminal background check in the last five years will be rechecked. Council registrars will individually track district and council registered employees and leaders. (This will also include merit badge counselors).

  1. What about those who did not get the forms by e-mail?

Links to the copies of these forms are located below. It is important that each volunteer receives both the disclosure form as well as the authorization form. However, only the authorization must be turned in with the charter renewal form for units. District and council volunteers should submit the authorization to the council service center or their district executive.

  1. What about those with multiple registrations?

Only one authorization form per person needs to be collected and retained by the council.

  1. What happens if a unit leader does not provide an authorization?

Leaders who do not provide new authorization will not be able to renew their registration. The council registrar will not to renew any adult without first confirming that a new signed authorization form is on file at the council service center.

  1. Why can’t the volunteer just reply to the original e-mail and attach their signed authorization form?

The best way for us to ensure compliance is to require that the council registrar verify that a signed authorization form is physically in hand before processing a unit’s recharter. This removes much of the potential error that could result from other methods.

  1. Are there different forms for different states?

Federal and state laws prescribe what must be in the disclosures and how they are to be provided. A form compliant with federal and various state laws was sent to all volunteer leaders except those in California. Leaders with a California home address or whose council territory includes California received California-specific forms due to the specific requirements of California law.

  1. Can the council accept a faxed copy or scanned copy sent via email of the signed authorization?

Yes, so long as it is legible and is sent by the individual who signed it. It must be printed and saved the same as an original.

  1. Can the council accept an electronic signature?

Digital signatures from third-party providers are acceptable. They must be printed and stored the same as the original. E-mail confirmations, permissions or typed names on the form are not acceptable substitutes for wet signatures.

  1. What about unit renewals that have already been processed or will not recharter until after January 1?

For unit renewals that have already been posted because the unit renewal date was prior to the email notification or the unit renewal date is after January 1, authorization forms still need to be collected as soon as possible. All new authorization forms should be received by December 31, 2019.

Background Check Forms

Internet Rechartering System Updates

Internet Rechartering will be made available for unit renewal in enhanced version releases during the next two months. The updated application will support Explorer Posts as well as Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships previously supported by Internet Rechartering.

First provided is Version 9 that will allow units to fully revise their Unit Roster. Processing will end prior to the final steps before submittal to Council. This interim version will direct the unit to return to Internet Rechartering to complete the renewal process when the next release occurs. No Fee information is provided in Version 9.

Next provided is Version 10 for units that were in progress or have not yet registered to start renewal. Units that used Version 9 will begin as Returning Users to complete their renewals and Submit Units that do not begin until Version 10 is released will register as First Time Users and have full features and all functions including renewal submittal.

The Version 9 initial process will be available for use after release on October 1. Version 10 will be available for use after release on November 1, 2019. The current Version 8 of Internet Rechartering, and separate Online Post Renewal, remains available for units expiring on September 30. Version 8 will be discontinued and is not available to units expiring on December 31. Renewal processors will find it seamless moving from Version 9 to 10.

Here’s How It Works:

Each unit will receive a charter packet from their unit commissioner after distribution at the commissioner conference the end of September.  The charter packet will include all necessary forms and an access code for the online system, specific for each unit.  Electronic Version of these packets are available for download below.  Not included in this electric packet are the Journey to Excellence sheets by unit, these can be found here.

The unit selects a renewal processor uses the access code to log onto the internet rechartering website, selecting to start the process with current ScoutNET data (load roster from Council) or data from unit-management software (Packmaster/Troopmaster).   At any time, the renewal processor can suspend the electronic rechartering process and return later to the last completed screen.

The system lets you enter new members, renew current members, and update information for any registrant.  When completed, the new unit roster is submitted electronically to ScoutNET.   You must print the Final Unit Charter Renewal Report.   Acquire the Executive Officer or Institution Head signature for the Final report as well as the Leader of the unit i.e. Cubmaster, Scoutmaster etc. take the print out along with the other required forms and youth and adult applications asked for on 1st page to the Council office with all fees.

All BSA policies are enforced throughout the system, so what you enter is sure to meet all requirements.  Remember current Youth Protection training (expires every 2 years) is required before a leader can register or recharter, go to to take the on line course.

If you have any questions or comments, contact your Unit Commissioner or District Executive 408-638.8300 who will be glad to help you through the process.

Virtual Rechartering Packet

Journey to Excellence (JTE) Forms:

Recharter Parties

New to rechartering or a seasoned veteran who would like to get a final look through and turn in? Then you should stop by your local recharter party! At the party there will be experienced unit commissioners to answer your recharter questions or who will be able to review and accept your completed charter. There will also be refreshments! Please stop by on the following dates to participate:

  • Santa Lucia District – November 14, 5:30-8:30pm @ 22736 Portola Dr, Salinas
  • San Benito – November 11, 6:00pm @ Bertha Briggs Building, Hollister
  • Loma Prieta District – TBD
  • Pioneer District – November 13, 6:30-9:00pm @ LDS Church, Cera Dr, San Jose
  • Quicksilver District – November 18, 5:30-8:30pm @ Black Bag Technology, San Jose
  • Polaris District – November 14, 6:00-9:00pm @ Jake’s Pizza, Sunnyvale
  • Coyote Creek District – November 19, 7:30-8:30pm @ LDS Church, Patt Ave, San Jose

New to Internet Rechartering?

Insurance Coverage FAQ

Boy Scouts of America Insurance Coverage

Service Hours

Have you logged your service hours yet? Any Crew, Team, Troop, Pack, Patrol or Den that has done service to the community needs to officially log their hours. It is quick and easy. All service projects, conservation projects, Eagle projects, and other service counts! If you have questions, contact your District Executive at 408.638.8300.

Service Hours Website

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