History of the STEM Initiative in BSA and in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

In January 2011, the Boy Scouts of America began a pilot study of the new awards in the STEM Initiative.  In what was then Santa Clara County Council, multiple units participated in testing and evaluating the draft award requirements.  Through two phases of the pilot study, over 400 youth earned a STEM Nova Award and 25 youth earned different levels of the prestigious STEM Supernova Award.

STEM Program Highlights for Santa Clara County Council:

  • Held the first STEM Court of Honor ceremony in the nation, with special presenter, Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak
  • First to incorporate the STEM NOVA Award into a Cub Day Camp
  • Presented the first Dr Bernard Harris and Thomas Edison SUPERNOVA Awards in the nation
  • Presented the first STEM Mentor Award to an adult volunteer
  • Held a second STEM Court of Honor with special presenter, Federico Faggin, inventor of the first microprocessor
  • First in the nation to hold a STEM themed Scout-O-Rama
  • First in the nation to give leadership to a STEM themed Order of the Arrow Conclave:  W3S

 STEM Program Highlights for Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council:

  •  University of Scouting Presentations on STEM for Cub Scout and Venturer Leaders
  • University of Scouting STEM Midway Booth
  • First Supernova Awards (post-launch) were awarded to Drew Gilbert, Webelos Scout, in March 2013 and to Nathaniel Miller, Cub Scout Bear, in June 2013.
  • STEM program elements in Cub Scout and Boy Scout Summer Camps
  • Development of new Boy Scout Nova Awards at Camp Pico Blanco 
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