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Join nights give parents and youth an opportunity to get to know Scouting at a personal level, face-to-face. Questions are answered, interest is built, and parents see how Scouting is for families like theirs, no matter what that family may look like. What’s more, families often enroll their boys right there on the spot!



Your pack will hold a “join night” at a prominent location in the community, such as a school, church, or community center. At the join night, you will provide basic information about what Scouting offers youth and families in the area. This can be done through a formal presentation, an information table, a film about Scouting, or even a game.


plan event

The key to a successful join night is thorough planning. You will need to work closely with the school or community center you are using, organize volunteers, and be prepared with any necessary materials such as information fliers, sign-up forms, and even treats. Planning should begin about eight weeks in advance of the event.



Here are some suggestions on how to promote your join night – but these are just thought-starters. Don’t limit yourself. The more ways you reach parents, the more success you will have.

Out-of-School Promotion:

  • Promote on social media
  • Promote on
  • Distribute flyers at local coffee shops
  • Ask current members to share on social media
  • Door hangers and door-to-door invitations
  • Fliers and kid talks at churches & after-school programs
  • Press Releases in local newspaper
  • Promote at community fairs, parades and other events

In-School Promotion (if you have access):

  • Distribute flyers week before event
  • Posters and yard signs around school
  • Kid talks at school
  • School newsletter or website
  • Invite current youth to attend lunch in uniform

Kid Talks:
The Kid Talk is where youth excitement is created. You can reach out to your District Executive for support and they will give you the skills to put on an effective kid talk. They work best by going class-to-class (if in a school) and giving a five-minute promotion on the fun that Scouting has to offer.



A very effective way to host your join night is a come-and-go event. These are faster for today’s busy parents. The key to making them successful is preplanning. The following is an outline of how to executive this type of event.

Feature five stations that give parents information about Cub Scouting, get them signed up, and provide everything they need to know, including when the first meeting is, who the leaders are, and more.

Join Night Stations:


After the Join Night is Over:

After you join night is over, be sure to turn in all applications and money. Unit leaders and volunteers that helped coordinate the join night should review and complete applications after the event is over. Applications, registration fees, and one copy of the attendance roster are to be turned in to the district executive within 24 hours of the event.

Welcome your new families and members. Don’t wait! be sure to invite them to the first-night den and pack events the very next week.

Follow up with those families that did not sign up. This is where the sign-in sheet comes in handy.


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