Scout-O-Rama Card Sale


Concerns Due to Covid-19

· We understand that units may have difficulty hitting their goal with a shortened sale. Units can continue selling cards as if they wish or when the office returns, they can return any number of cards and settle their account.

· New sale dates will be available once Scout-O-Rama is rescheduled for the fall. We are also exploring combining the sale with popcorn sale and offering it as an additional product in the sale. Units can sell popcorn or cards or both.

· Card expiration dates will be looked at. We are reaching out to our card vendor to see if we are able to acquire new agreements with the coupon vendors. New cards and the old cards will still grant access to the event.

· We also have an online sales portal that units can share to sell cards online that will be shipped directly to the customer. You can share the link with family and friends to purchase a ticket. The link is

· The online sales are also a great option for those who may be uncomfortable selling door to door and are doing their best to participate in social distancing over the next few weeks.

Unit Card Sale Tracking Sheet

Need Help?

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