Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is the annual fundraising campaign to raise the operating funds necessary to provide a quality Scouting program for Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.

This campaign is divided into two efforts – the family Friends of Scouting, which solicits contributions from the Scouting families, and the Golden Eagle Campaign, which seeks contributions from businesses and community leaders as well as Council Board members.

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

  • Raises 100% of its dollars locally
  • Receives no National Boy Scout funding
  • Uses ALL of the dollars raised to support youth in our community

The cost to support one youth in Scouting per year is $300.

Each pack, troop, and crew is asked to support Scouting during a Friends of Scouting presentation.  Any adult Scouting volunteer can give a Friends of Scouting presentation.

Friends of Scouting presentations are done within 5 – 10 minutes during a pack or troop meeting.  Presentations begin each year in January and are usually completed by the end of March.

If you are interested in becoming a Friends of Scouting presenter for your district you will need to:

  • Contact your District Executive by calling the Council Service Center, 408.638.8300
  • Attend a training

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts is a great way to contribute to Friends of Scouting!  Many employers will match your charitable gift to Scouting.  Check with your HR department for more information.

Friends of Scouting
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