FOS Digital Campaign

Scouting’s Gone Digital and So Has Our Friends of Scouting Campaign!

You have experienced the great impacts that Scouting has made in the life of your scout and your family. Help us bring this life-changing opportunity to other families by supporting our Friends of Scouting Facebook Fundraiser.

This year, amidst COVID-19 and physical distancing, Scouting’s gone virtual and so has our Friends of Scouting Campaign. You can make a BIG difference in the life of a youth by showing your support for Scouting through Facebook.

How You Can Help – Be A Champion for Scouting!

It’s very simple. Become a Champion of Scouting by sharing our Friends of Scouting Facebook fundraiser along with a personal story about how Scouting has positively impacted you and your scouts’ lives on your personal Facebook Page.

Your support will make a big difference in carrying forward the mission of scouting and spreading the values of the Scout Oath and Law throughout our communities!

If you aren’t already, Like, Follow and Share us on Facebook.

To Get Started, Just Follow These Simple Steps:

Note: You will need to share the Scout Law Bingo image, so please save the image to your mobile or computer.

Click on the Select Nonprofit button in the Facebook Fundraisers page, type “Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council” in the search box and select it. Then follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Set Your Goal

Under ‘How much money do you want to raise?’  type 300, and for ‘When should your fundraiser end?’ select a date 3 weeks after the day you create your fundraiser. Then click Next.

Step 2: Share Your Story

Type “Raising Money for Friends of Scouting” in the‘What’s the title of your fundraiser?’ section, and under the ‘Why are you raising money?’ share a personal story about your scout’s or your family’s Scouting journey (you can use one of the prompts from the template below). Then click Next.

Step 3: Upload Your Card

Click the Edit button on the bottom right of the default image, then click “Upload New Photo” and set the “Scout Law Bingo” photo as your image. Finally, click Create to post your fundraiser!

Step 4: Share Your Success!

When a person makes a donation and chooses which point(s) of the Scout Law they wish to “sponsor,” using the photo editor on your phone you can draw an X through the circle, to show that it has been claimed. For an added touch, you can write in the donor’s name. Upload the updated Bingo Card to your fundraiser to show others how your card is filling up!

For best results, announce milestones along the way to build support, and remind people about the time left. Example “5 days left to make a difference!” You can also announce contributions and share updates in the comments section of your fundraiser to share all the great support you receive from your friends and family.

Click here to see more information about how to do a Facebook Fundraiser

Sample Template for Your Post

Right click to save or download a copy for your phone or computer.

[Include Bingo Card from Right]

I support Scouting because_______________________.

Other ideas: As a family we participated in Scouting with [insert unit type & unit number]. Our best memory was when [insert personal story]. Our Scout earned the rank of [insert scout rank]. Our family’s most memorable Scouting moment was [insert personal story]. My son’s/daughter’s proudest Scouting moment was when he/she [insert personal story].

Right now, our local council is working hard to develop and share Scouting activities digitally. Through virtual meetings, expert-led merit badge classes, summer camp activities how-to’s, and more, we’re meeting the needs of thousands of families as they shelter in place. Your support makes it possible to deliver Scouting programs, both now for families at home, and in the future when we again can gather around a campfire together.

I have been challenged to fill out this Scout Law Bingo Card. When you make your donation, write in the comments below which point(s) of the Scout Law you are sponsoring and I will cross it off. Help me fill out the card and support one scout for a full year!

Want to do more? You can get your own Bingo Card at

$25 will support One Scout for a month, and a donation of any amount is appreciated.

(Optional: I’ve already pledged up to $300 to match donations- will you support this great program too?)

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