Polaris District serves the area of Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Saratoga.

If you live in any of the areas mentioned in Polaris and you would like to get information on joining a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, or Venturing Crew please contact the District Executive, Anthony Pulliam 408.638.8321 or anthony.pulliam@scouting.org


District Camp-o-ree:


When:    April 3rd-5th 2020

Where:   Chesebrough Scout Reservation

Who:    All Scouts BSA troop members

Cost:    On/Before Feb 21: $10/ea

After Feb 21: $15/ea

T-Shirts: $15/ea





Join us at our monthly roundtable meeting, where we cover a different training topic each month. Give us an hour and a half of your time, and we will save you so much more than that each month planning den meetings, pack meetings, and more!

Location – The Polaris Roundtable is held at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, 19624 E. Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Roundtable Newsletter –Sign up for the Polaris Roundtable Newsletter to receive a reminder with the month’s training topic. E-mail SVMB-Polaris-RT-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and include your name, position, and unit number to sign up.

Polaris Star Newsletter

Check out the latest edition of the Polaris Star to stay updated on District and Council news and events.

District Committee

Time is precious, yet almost every adult citizen of the United States gives some time to volunteer service, as it is a sign of good citizenship.

The Polaris District Committee is a leadership group composed of passionate volunteers from different units in Polaris. This group is responsible for carrying out four standard functions: Membership, Finance, Program, and Unit Service.

Are you interested in sharing your talents with our committee and the scouters in your community? Please join one of our subcommittees, or take leadership and become chairperson of a committee. For more information please contact District Executive Anthony Pulliam at anthony.pulliam@scouting.org.

Position Unit First Last Volunteer Opportunities
District Chair T581 Dave Holt
District Commissioner T407 Robert Lupfer Become a Unit Commissioner
District Vice-Chairman  VACANT
Vice-Chairman (Finance) T476 Junaid Shabbeer Join Our Finance Committee
Vice-Chairman (Membership)  VACANT
Vice-Chairman (Program) T452 Sheng Song Join Our Program Committee
Nominating Chair T582 Karen Dillon
Advancement Chair T457 Hersh Bhargava Join Our Advancement Committee
Activities Chair T535 Laurie Hecker Join Our Activities Committee
Training Chair T566 David McIntyre Join Our Training Committee
Camping Chair T888 Sue Chen Join Our Camping Committee
OA Advisor/Camp-o-ree Chair C401 Dave Low Join Our Camp-o-ree Committee
Pinewood Derby Chair T407 Daniel Lee Join Our Pinewood Derby Committee
Scout-o-rama Chair T468 John Lin Join Our Scout-o-rama Committee
Popcorn Chair T566 Linda Brooks Join Our Popcorn Committee
Popcorn Co-Chair Vacant
Day Camp Chair T394 Michelle Ray Join Our Day Camp Committee
Day Camp Program Chair T400 Jo Young Join Our Day Camp Committee
Scouting for Food Chair T606 Alvin Chen Join Our Scouting for Food Committee
FOS Family Campaign Chair T476 Karen Dillon Join Our FOS Committee
FOS Scouter Campaign Chair T476 Bob Wedig Join Our FOS Committee
FOS CASA Campaign Chair T606 Yvonne Wang Join Our CASA FOS Committee
T452 Wei Wang Join Our CASA FOS Committee
FOS Breakfast Chair Vacant
Communications Chair Mark Ellson Join Our Communications Committee
Social Media Chair T407 Zachary Yuen Join Our Social Media Committee
Spring Recruitment Chair Vacant
Fall Recruitment Chair Vacant
District Dinner Chair T452 Robertsen Ku Does your unit want to host the next District Dinner?
We.S.T. Fair Chair T463 Greg Spears Join Our We.S.T.Fair Committee

Polaris District Events

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby is one of the most popular and successful family activities in Cub Scouting. Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. Then they race the cars in competition. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track.

February 9, 2019. For more information contact Pinewood Derby Chair Daniel Lee.

Thank you for participating in the Polaris District Pinewood Derby!

Webelos Day

We would like to give your family a first-hand look at what Boy Scouting is all about! The Webelos Day Event will give you a preview of different Troops in our community. This is a great way to visit with Scouts and parents from other troops during the month of February. It is also a good way to find the best fit for you and your Webelos Scout.

February 2, 2019. For more information contact Webelos Day Chair Greg Spears.

Thank you for participating in Webelos Day!



Join your fellow scouts from the Polaris District for a huge weekend of camping, exciting competitions, cooking, games, races, and campfires! All Boy Scouts are invited to participate in this fun-filled weekend, organized by the Order of the Arrow. Scouts setup their own camps, and compete against teams from other units in individual and patrol games of skill, knowledge, and strength.

April 5-7, 2019 at Cheesebrough Scout Reservation. For more information contact Camp-o-ree Chair Dave Low.

Click HERE for more details.

CASA Camp-o-ree

Join your fellow CASA scouts from the Polaris District for a huge weekend of camping, exciting competitions, cooking, games, races, and campfires! All Boy Scouts are invited to participate in this fun-filled weekend, organized by CASA (Chinese American Scouting Association). Scouts setup their own camps, and compete against teams from other units in individual and patrol games of skill, knowledge, and strength.

For more information contact CASA President Peter Chiu.

More details coming soon!

Cub Camp

Cub Camp is a five-day program for Cub Scouts. It is conducted under certified leadership at an approved site and during daylight hours, and does not include any overnight activities. Certification of the day camp director and program director is provided through the National Camping School.

Stevens Creek 1-Day Camp – SCOUTCRAFT: May 18, 2019
Stevens Creek 5-Day Camp – Your Passport to Adventure: July 29 – August 2, 2018

For more information contact Cub Camp Chair Michelle Ray.

Click HERE for more details.

Past Polaris District Award of Merit Recipients
2018  Laurie Hecker  Dave Holt Greg Spears
2017  John Lin  Robert Lupfer Jr. William Wegner
2016 Terri Boyanich Mark Fisher Jo Young
2015 Terry Bohlen Jenny Chang Kathleen Thurgate
2014 Peter Chiu Sally Erickson David Overhauser
2013 Wayne Ho James Liu Nick Ward
2012 Robin Melnick Anthony Rodrigues Dennis Yau
2011 Mark Ellson Norm Proffit Debbie Ward
2010 Brian Davis Paul Jancis Jerry McMillan
2009 Wendy Glasser Kathi Lucas Don Pannell
2008 Rebecca Feng Debbie Jancis Michael Malone
2007 Tad Davis Yo-Wei Liu John Lucas Roy Tsai
2006 Suzette Pangrie Charlie Schrey Bobby Toda
2005 Pauli Hseuh Jill Lin Sarah Rouse
2004 Dave Low Bob Ulicki Chatman Wong
2003 Greg Buchanan Bob Wedig
2002 Ed Chang Lisa Corley Jim Long
2001 Jim Dreschler Frank Eng Michael Pike
2000 David Ashby Flora Tzeng Howard Trudeau
1999 Hoi Leung Charlie Schramm Jan Wedig
1998 Dan Bobier Daryl Milanowski
1997 Carol Brugge Mark Towar
1996 Dianne Depositar Les Screiber
1995 Jack Kusters Jim McAffee
1994 Richard Brenner Floyd Okada
1993 Ken Bower Dave Okamura Kathy Denise Dennis Swanson Arthur Wong
1992 Jim Hall Mark Vogt
1991 George Denise
1989 Larry Grace
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