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Scouting At Home in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

It’s a usual Tuesday night for a Scouting family.  6:45 – it’s time to put on the Scout uniform.  6:50 – Time to rush out the door to make sure they get to the meeting on time. 7:00 – The Patrols are lining up as the Senior Patrol Leader says “Troop attention! Colorguard, advance”. Week after week, this is the ritual of Scouting, a routine that signals that it’s time for fun, it’s time for friends, and it’s time for learning.

But these past few weeks, family routines and rituals have been interrupted. Children are now
experiencing school through distance learning at home on their computers.  Similarly, parents are working from home, spending time in web conferences or sorting through email.  Scouts and families are doing their part to be good citizens and to stay home and comply with social distancing restrictions. Our community has had to adapt, and Scouting has adapted too. Instead of driving to the local church or school for the weekly Scout meeting, Scouts now are now engaging in a new type of Scouting, Scouting at Home.


The Scouts and dedicated volunteers and staff of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council are showing that Scouting can happen anywhere – all it takes is a little creativity. Cub Scouts are hosting Digital Den and Pack Meetings, participating in Cub Camp at-home activities, and working on their rank advancements. Scouts are adapting by moving troop and patrol meetings online, participating in online merit badge webinars and doing backyard campouts. We have even had the first round of Life Scouts conduct their Eagle Boards of Review online.

The mission of Scouting is to provide character development for youth. In times like these, one characteristic that Scouts are learning stands out more than many – perseverance.  In over 110 years of Scouting, our nation and community have had times of prosperity and times of difficulty, and in times like these the Boy Scouts of America has adapted and risen to the challenge.  We have found new methods by which we can accomplish our mission of character development and we know that perseverance in the face of adversity can bring out the best in us.

In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing with you the story of Scouting as our Scouts and Scouters use their creativity and perseverance to rise to the challenge and support each other and our community.

We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during this difficult time and we thank you for being a part of our Scouting family.

Scouts Rising to The Challenge Throughout History

How the Boy Scouts Won World War II

Pieces of History, National Archives, July 2010

Scouting has a long history of overcoming adversity and using adversity as a chance to grow.  During WWII, Scouts collected scrap metal, animal fat, and old tires to support America’s vast industrial production. Scouts were involved in selling War Bonds and planting Victory Gardens.  They collected clothing and served as bicycle messengers.  One popular activity was to build model airplanes for aircraft recognition.  Scouts who made notable effort were awarded the War Service Stripe.

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Scouting Responds to a National Crisis

Scouting Magazine, January-February 2002

In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Scout units from coast to coast jumped into action to help those in need.  Within days, Scout units in Brooklyn gathered more than 200 truckloads of supplies needed by rescue workers, which were delivered to “ground zero” on Sept. 15 and 16.

On Sept. 16, as Scouts continued the task of sorting supplies, several Brooklyn fire company trucks stopped by to thank them. The firefighters had just been relieved after several days at the disaster site, “Yet they made time to come and see the kids who had done so much to help them,” said Brooklyn Scouter James Gallo.

To help keep rescuers hydrated, the Suffolk County Council in nearby Long Island urged every Scout unit to contribute bottles of water or sports drinks. In just 70 hours, more than 153,000 bottled drinks, enough to fill six tractor trailers, were collected, loaded onto 18-wheelers provided by a local beverage distributor, and delivered to warehouses designated for the relief effort.

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Support Local Scouting

Scouts are BUILT for tough times. For fun, we weather the sweltering heat, the frigid cold, wet campouts and grueling 50-milers! It’s in the toughest times that Scouts shine the most.

We at the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council are as committed as ever to our community and our Scouting families. We have not shied away from the task ahead, but look at this challenge as an opportunity to be creative in the way we deliver our programs.

Donations we receive in the short term will help Scouting thrive and provide the necessary resources for us to continue to deliver Scouting to our Scouts. These gifts will also help position us to hit the ground running with programs and activities as soon as we are able to do so.

Join us in rising to the challenge and invest in local scouting. To learn more about making a gift to Scouting, please visit our giving website. We also invite you to connect with us by following us on Facebook and/or bygiving to our Facebook campaign.

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