Training Applied to Real Life

Have you ever wondered if you would have the chance to apply what you’ve learned during a training to real life?  Joan and Tyler Holland with Troop 566 have.  Joan took one of our courses, Wilderness First Aid in June of 2011, and used what she learned during a real-life encounter…two years later.

Joan and her son, Tyler were hiking at Fremont Older Open Space Park.  They were about 1.5 miles in the park when they observed a 70 year old male collapse about 20 feet ahead of them.  Determined the victim had no pulse, she quickly applied the skills she learned during her Wilderness First Aid training.  She made several attempts to call 911 from her cell phone, but the calls kept getting dropped.  Tyler then ran the 1.5 miles to the Ranger’s residence to get help and met the fire and ambulance responding.  During this time the victim stopped breathing and had no pulse so Joan began CPR until the Ranger and EMS arrived.  The skills she learned allowed Joan to take appropriate action and she and her son were able to attempt to help the victim.


{photo from our most recent Wilderness First Aid Class}