Testimonial from Trainer’s Edge

“Thank you all for what you do ! You absolutely have a positive impact on people around you. I admire your dedication to scouting and the training of adult leadership that “WILL” have an influence on our youth of today .
Yesterday’s class was really informative and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had prepared a complete power point presentation and practiced it for a couple of weeks. Then the morning of the class , I wake up and realize that I will be just reading slides , How boring. So I grabbed some other props with the intent to create some demonstrations during my presentation. In the beginning of class , Jim says “never create a power point presentation that you are going to read the text from , the audience can do that themselves “. I panicked , oh no I did it all wrong , now what , I’m unprepared. Well by the time we performed our presentations, I decided I would just do the demonstration part of my presentation which would be more informative and interactive. On many levels I learned a lot yesterday , what to do correctly, how to adapt and wing it , even if I wasn’t prepared. I loved the class exactly how it was , thank you for breaking us up into small groups for our presentations, I think I would have had a heart attack if I had to do it in front of the whole class … Baby steps …
Thanks again ,

Aaron S.
Troop 599”

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