Memo RE: Tools and Registration Fee Increase

RE: Special Message from Council Key 3

We wanted to alert you on two new developments from the National Council, Boy Scouts of America:

My.Scouting Tools

A set of online tools was recently released to our Key 3 unit and district volunteers on the website The guiding principles of these tools are to enable and empower volunteers and employees, provide self‐service, enhance membership retention and growth, simplify administration, be transparent and accountable, provide privacy and security and be mobile and cross platform friendly. Current and future versions will have the ability for unit leadership to add adult training information, view member’s training history and print training certificate(s), view unit rosters, update certain member profile information and print membership cards for each registered position.  You will also be able to create sub organizations within a unit and maintain a unit’s organization details like social media information. My.Scouting will best be supported using the Google Chrome 14+ browser.  Firefox 21+ is also supported. Safari and Internet Explorer are not fully supported at this time. To become familiar and learn more about the new tools, go to (note the addition of a “.” Between My and Scouting)

National Membership Fee Increase

Recently the national BSA organization announced an increase in registration fees from $15 to $24 per year for all registered youth and adult leaders effective January 1, 2014. In order to support the delivery of the nation’s foremost youth development program, occasionally it is necessary for the organization to increase its membership fees to offset rising costs and prepare for the future. For those who join after January 1, 2014, the fee will be prorated at $2 per month through December 2014. The annual fee for unit accident and sickness insurance will remain at $1.00 per year for each registered youth and adult leader. Additionally, beginning in 2014, for units chartered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‐day Saints, the Church will pay the registration fees and unit liability insurance fees directly to the National Council. The Church of Jesus Christ unit charters and individual member registration forms will continue to be processed as normal, but registration and unit liability fees will no longer be collected or processed by the local council. This change will provide the Church, local councils, and the national office greater efficiencies in the administrative process. National Membership fees support the services that are necessary to provide Scouting to youth. Services include primary liability coverage for all volunteer leaders and chartered organizations, ongoing advances in technology, fundraising support, new program development and membership recruiting strategies, and support materials. In 2012 alone, the Boy Scouts of America served 2.6 million youth members through 280 local councils across the United States and its territories.

For more information on the registration fee increase, please visit:

As always, our focus is to build the future leaders of this country by combining adventure, educational activities, and lifelong values. The fee increase is a step that must be taken in order to continue providing the services our members expect and need. With your help, we will continue to accomplish incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.

Dick Noack – Council President
Robert G. Wedig – Council Commissioner
Jason Stein – Scout Executive

Please see the link below to see the official memo on the Council’s letterhead.