VOA/Venturing Roundtable

VOA – Venturing officers association
The VOA meets on the first Tuesday of the month of even months at 7:30 pm in the council service center at 970 W. Julian in San Jose.

On the odd months, Venturing roundtables will be held instead.  The VOA encourages participation by an officer representative of every crew in the council, but observers are also welcome.  The roundtable is for any Venturer or Advisor that would like to come learn and share.

VOA Purpose:  To develop and strengthen Venturing crews in the council by:

  • Demonstrating effective unit operations at meetings
  • Providing personal growth opportunities for Crew Officers
  • Developing tools for crews to recruit and train members
  • Providing opportunities for units to share resources, ideas, and opportunities

Structure:  The VOA is organized like a crew:

  • Members of the VOA are the representatives of every crew in the council
  • Officers are elected annually by members
  • The Committee of the VOA is the council Venturing committee
  • Advisors are appointed annually by the committee
  • Activity Chairs are appointed as required by the officers

Venturing roundtables
Held monthly, Venturing roundtables are held at the council service center on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Venturing Advisor, Bill ALbrecht at William.albrecht@scouting.org or 408.638.8356.

VOA/Venturing Roundtable
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