The unit charter renewal process is essential to the continued growth of the Boy Scouts of America.  Internet Rechartering is an Internet-based application that is indirectly connected to the Council’s ScoutNet membership data and provides the ability for unit leaders to complete the online portion of rechartering from their home (office, etc) over the Internet.

ALL PRINTED UNIT CHARTERS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 1, 2017.  You may submit completed charters earlier.

NOTE: Any units that do not complete the Recharter process by December 31st are considered dropped and no longer registered.

Paperwork must be reviewed by a District Executive with the help of a unit representative before it can be processed.

To begin the recharter process please access the online system. 


Updates for 2017-2018 Recharter

New Tutorial

Internet Recharter Updates

Fee Changes

National Registration Fee – The national registration fee will be increasing to $33.00 per registered adult and youth participant beginning on December 1st, 2017

Local Council Insurance Fee – The local council fee for insurance will be increasing from $1.00 per registered member to $3.00 per registered member.

After multiple years of no increase fees, in 2018 fees will be increasing by $11.00 per member to more accurately cover the rising costs of insurance that is provided for all participating members. While scouting aims to provide a program that is affordable for all, it is necessary to occasionally increase fees to cover rising costs. The council is committed to serving all youth who wish to participate and options for registration fee assistance is available on a limited basis for those in need.

Online Signatures, Online Payment and Online Charter Submittal

Now available for all units, online submittal of signatures and payment for your 2018 charter! By providing your COR your unit’s login information, they will now be able to digitally sign the charter package and submit online. No more chasing in person signatures for the charter package! Online payment with credit or debit card is now available as well!

*If your unit chooses to submit online, completed and signed paper copies of youth and adult applications, chartered organization agreement forms, JTE, Unit Information Sheet, and Commissioners Challenge are still required to be submitted by the charter deadline.

*You must submit a printed copy of charter coversheet and a receipt of online payment with the other required paperwork.

Youth Protection Training

The recharter system will not allow you to finish the online recharter process without all registered adult leaders holding a valid Youth Protection Training certificate. Youth Protection must be completed online through Reload your roster to update leaders who have updated their Youth Protection Training after you have started the online recharter process.

Here’s How It Works:

Each unit will receive a charter packet from their unit commissioner after distribution at the commissioner conference the end of September.  The charter packet will include all necessary forms and an access code for the online system, specific for each unit.  Electronic Version of these packets are available for download below.  Not included in this electric packet are the Journey to Excellence sheets by unit, these can be found here.

The unit selects a renewal processor uses the access code to log onto the internet rechartering website, selecting to start the process with current ScoutNET data (load roster from Council) or data from unit-management software (Packmaster/Troopmaster).   At any time, the renewal processor can suspend the electronic rechartering process and return later to the last completed screen.

The system lets you enter new members, renew current members, and update information for any registrant.  When completed, the new unit roster is submitted electronically to ScoutNET.   You must print the Final Unit Charter Renewal Report.   Acquire the Executive Officer or Institution Head signature for the Final report as well as the Leader of the unit i.e. Cubmaster, Scoutmaster etc. take the print out along with the other required forms and youth and adult applications asked for on 1st page to the Council office with all fees.

All BSA policies are enforced throughout the system, so what you enter is sure to meet all requirements.  Remember current Youth Protection training (expires every 2 years) is required before a leader can register or recharter, go to to take the on line course.

2018 registration fees are $33 per person, Boy’s Life subscription is $12, insurance is $3.

If you have any questions or comments, contact your Unit Commissioner or District Executive 408-638.8300 who will be glad to help you through the process.

Virtual Rechartering Packet

Recharter Parties

New to rechartering or a seasoned veteran who would like to get a final lookthrough and turn in? Then you should stop by your local recharter party! At the party there will be experienced unit commissioners to answer your recharter questions or who will be able to review and accept your completed charter. There will also be refreshments! Please stop by on the following dates to participate:

  • Santa Lucia District – November 15th, 4:00-7:00pm – Angelina’s PizzaSalinas, CA
  • Loma Prieta – November 9th, 6:00pm – LDS Church, Santa Cruz
  • Pioneer District – November 16th,6:30-8:30pm – SVMBC Office, San Jose
  • Quicksilver District
  • Polaris District – November 15th, 6:00pm – Jake’s Pizza, Sunnyvale
  • Coyote Creek District 

New to Internet Rechartering?

Insurance Coverage FAQ

Boy Scouts of America Insurance Coverage

Service Hours

Have you logged your service hours yet? Any Crew, Team, Troop, Pack, Patrol or Den that has done service to the community needs to officially log their hours. It is quick and easy. All service projects, conservation projects, Eagle projects, and other service counts! If you have questions, contact your District Executive at 408.638.8300.

Service Hours Website

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