A steady flow of youth into a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop is essential to maintaining the unit’s health.  New Scouts bring energy and enthusiasm to the unit program.

To avoid the pitfall of shrinking membership, a unit should add at least 10 new Scouts every year.  Having a year-round growth plan in place will help attract new Scouts.

The first step for any recruitment effort is to appoint a unit committee member to serve as the unit membership chair.  This person will develop and implement a year-round growth plan that incorporates all methods of recruitment, working closely with other Scouting units in the community, the district membership committee and the unit commissioner.

2014 Spring Recruitment Campaign

Spring Recruitment is a great time to organize Tiger Dens for next year (by recruiting current Kindergarten boys), engage new boys for summer fun and involve new families before the busy back-to-school time in the fall.

SPRING NEW BOY JOINING INCENTIVE: For every new Cub Scout who joins between March 15 and May 15 will receive a FREE CUB SCOUT HANDBOOK. To make this incentive available to your Pack’s new recruits, a Pack representative will need to discuss your recruiting plan with your District Executive who will arrange for you to have these books available at your recruiting event.

We have lots of materials and resources to help you out. Contact your District Executive or District Membership Chair today to make a plan and order materials

Cub Scouts

An essential part of Scouting, the Boy Scout program depends on the foundation of Cub Scouts.  While Cub Scout recruitment is year-round, there are two formal recruitments, Spring and Fall.  There are many helpful resources for your pack’s recruitment campaign:

Boy Scouts

There are three methods of recruiting new Scouts into troops: