District Resources

Each district has three main volunteers that are a tremendous resource for packs, troops and crews; District Commissioner, District Chair and District Executive. Your District Commissioner’s main role is to help your unit succeed.  They also oversee the unit recharter renewal plan so that each unit registers on time. Your District Chair helps committee chairs recruit an adequate number of members to carry out the functions of the district, plan and preside district committee meetings, and help attain district goals. Your District Executive’s main role is to help each pack, troop and crew in their district.  They have a variety of flyers and forms available for units, can help answer questions or get you in contact with the correct volunteer, and ensure your unit has a successful Scouting year.

Coyote Creek District
District Commissioner – Michael Gabler 408.238.0195
District Chair – Jim Harr 408.529.2848
District Executive – Rick Adams 408.638.8365

Loma Prieta District
District Commissioner - Britain Wilson 831.818.3524
District Chair - Gabrielle Garrett 831.588.0628
District Executive – Anthony Burson-Thomas 408.638.2022

Pioneer District
District Commissioner – Scott Gillette 408.839.9493
District Chair – Grant McCauley 408.499.4046
District Executive - Joe Gaudet 408.638.8350

Polaris District
District Commissioner - Terry Bohlen 408.429.8827
District Chair – David Overhauser
District Executive – Sue Chen 408.638.8321

Quicksilver District
District Commissioner – Eric Hudson 925.683.5763
District Chair - Dave Adamski 408.595.0493
District Executive - Paul Johnson 408.638.8328

San Benito District
District Commissioner - Cam Arrington 831.833.2967
District Chair - Dave Westrick 831.638.4110 x110
Field Director – Gary Varano 408.638.8334

Santa Lucia District
District Commissioner – Doug Hales 831.261.2293
District Chair – Joseph Hertlein 831.659.2115
Sr. District Executive – Renee Forrest 831.287.2016

For other assistance, email:  support@svmbc.org


District Resources