Popcorn 2017 Updates & Deadlines

Take Order pick-up

Thursday, November 2 (Today) for the Southern part of the Council.
(10700 Merritt Street, Castroville)
Friday, November 3  for the Northern part of the Council.
(128 Component Drive, San Jose)

*Please make sure that you go over your inventory very closely during pick-up.*

Prizes & Council Recognition
Council Recognition Form
 & Trails-End Prize Orders are due on Friday, November 3

There is a button on your Unit’s Trails-End page that says “order Prizes” it’s next to the “order popcorn” button

Trails-End Scholarship forms
are to be turned into  Renee Forrest. Please include a copy of you Take Order form

Military Donation
. If your unit forgot to add their Military Donations to their Take Order, please click the link above and fill out the form.

Save the Date-Sunday, December 17
Star Wars movie for everyone who qualifies for the $1500 Club & BIG SPIN for the TOP 100 SELLERS in the Council
Times and location will be set to those individuals that have qualified

Final Popcorn money is due no later than Monday, November 27
**Reminder we are not taking credit card payments this year.**

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