National Venturing President

annaliese parkerCongratulations to Annaliese Parker in your new role as the National Venturing President!

Annaliese is from the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. She served as the Western Region President, Venturing Vice President of Communications for the Western Region and Area 3 President in prior terms.  Currently she is attending college studying Electrical Engineering in California.

She began Venturing before the age of 14 with a 55 mile backpacking trip going through Kings Canyon to the top of Mount Whitney in Southern California, the highest point in the contiguous United States. From then on she knew Venturing was for her.  Since then she has enjoyed river rafting, more backpacking, camping, all-night service projects, and even meetings (her crew held them at a local IHOP restaurant and they were a blast).  Northern Tier in 2010 was a crew highlight event for Annaliese:  115 miles of paddling and portages in Minnesota and Ontario at all hours of the day and night around bald eagles and beavers.

From there, she branched out and started working at the council level as a VOA organizer and trainer.  She has staffed NYLT several times (her council piloted the integration of Venturing into NYLT) and staffed the first Venturing NAYLE course.

Outside of scouting, she likes to play lacrosse and soccer and be in the outdoors. Through participation in the National Charity League and other organizations, Annaliese has received the highest level Presidential Service Award each year since 2009.  She takes biannual camping trips to Yosemite National Park and rock climbs during the summers there.   Annaliese introduced her crew to slacklining years before is was popularized by an appearance in the Superbowl, and they now regularly presents it at Scout-o-ramas and Camp-o-rees.

Annaliese is the oldest in her family, with two younger brothers (both Venturers, of course) that are finally big enough to fight back, so she’s learned to be wily.  Another part of being the oldest is spending years babysitting her little cousins (who still aren’t quite big enough to fight back).

Her mission is to build strong and lasting VOAs that, with support from areas, regions and the National Cabinet, will provide exceptional programs, recruit effectively, and increase the strength and number of their local crews.