Internet Advancement

Having Trouble With Internet Advancement,, Unit Visit Tracking, etc?

If you are having recently-started troubles with the BSA online web sites (Internet Advancement, Unit Visit Tracking, MyScouting, etc.) it is probably because you are using Internet Explorer Version 10, which was in all likelihood downloaded to your computer “automatically” as part of a routine Microsoft software update. When this happened, one of the default settings that is required for compatibility with several BSA software modules (including Internet Advancement) was set inappropriately.

Here is all you have do to fix it:

1.) Verify that you are indeed using Internet Explorer Version 10.
2.) Launch IE10.
3.) Simultaneously press the keys “ALT” and “T” to open the tools pull-down menu.
4.) Click on “Compatibility View Settings”
5.) Check the box “Display all websites in compatibility view”.
6.) Close the window, close and re-launch Internet Explorer, and you are good to go.

You might also try using Chrome or Foxfire.  The national information distribution group uses Chrome for their demonstrations of products and that has been found more compatible than other browsers.