Fall Recruitment

Cub Scout Recruitment

Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which Cub Scout-age boys are invited to join their neighborhood Cub Scout pack. Boys are invited to join your pack at a special recruiting meeting (“Join Night”) through a variety of promotional methods: fliers that are distributed through schools directly to the boys, classroom presentations, booth or display at a school’s open house, posters, school newsletter, social media, and neighborhood advertising with yard signs. At the meeting, parents will receive an overview of the Cub Scout program. Then boys are registered and assigned to dens. The Join Night Meeting is also an excellent opportunity to recruit new adult volunteers.


For every new Cub Scout who joins between August 15 and September 30, the pack will receive a $8 per Scout rebate. To make this incentive available, a Pack representative will need to discuss your recruiting plan with your District Executive who can help support you through this process.

We have lots of materials and resources to help you out. Contact your District Executive or District Membership Chair today to make a plan and order materials. Look for more information HERE: http://svmbc.org/svmbc/resources/recruiting/cub-scout-recruitment/