Cub Scout Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp

Having an outdoor experience is a key component for every Scout.  Cub Scout Day Camp is truly the best week of a Cub Scout’s summer!  Day Camp is a week long day-time camp adventure where Cub Scouts and parents experience a bigger part of Scouting.  Each camp offers a variety of activities, often including arts & crafts, games, archery, bb guns, sports and Scout skills.

Day Camps are held at different locations all over Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council during the months of June, July and August.

To register online or for more information please visit the day camp specific portion of the website.

Cub camp online registration opens after the University of Scouting on Saturday, March 7.


Cub Scout Resident Camp

Cub Scouts who are ready for the chance to try real Cub Scout camping can participate in two- and three-night camping adventures at Chesebrough Scout Reservation in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

Resident Camps are organized according to Cub Scout ages and are held during the summer.  Scouts will enjoy a variety of activities, including rock climbing, archery, campfires, and earning belt loops & pins.

Webelos Camp #1 (Chesebrough): 12-15 JUN
Webelos Camp #2 (Chesebrough): 19-22 JUN
Cub Resident Camp (Chesebrough): 16-18 JUN
Cub Resident Camp (Pico Blanco): 3-6 JUL
Year-round Exciting Camps
Mom and Me (Pico Blanco): 16-18 MAY
Family Camp (Pico Blanco): 23-26 MAY
Shoot Out #1 (Chesebrough): 12 JUL
Shoot Out #2 (Chesebrough): 23 AUG
Family Camp (Chesebrough): 30 AUG-1 SEP
Family Camp (Pico Blanco): 29 AUG-1 SEP
Dad and Lad (Pico Blanco): 12-14 SEP
Shoot Out #3 (Chesebrough): 20 SEP
Cub Adventure Camp (Pico Blanco): 27 SEP
Cub-O-Ree #1 (Chesebrough): 4 OCT
Cub-O-Ree #2 (Chesebrough): 5 OCT
Shootout #4 (Chesebrough): 25 OCT

Cub Scout Overnight Camping

Packs wishing to have their own overnight campout may do so.  The approved sites for pack overnighters are Camp Chesebrough, Camp Pico Blanco, and Mt Madonna County Park.

If you would like to have another campground approved, please fill out the Overnighter Site Approval Form and return the form to the Council Service Center at  or mail to Cub Camping at 970 W Julian Street, San Jose 95126.

Year-Round Camping

Fun and camping at Chesebrough Scout Reservation happen year round for Cub Scouts and their families.  Cub Scouts can choose from many camping events throughout the year, bringing their parent and for some camps, the whole family!

For questions, please contact Michael Wilson (408.638-8314 or