SPP New Crew Basics


The “Gunny” Speaks – click here for YouTube video

Fast Facts about SPP

Sample competitions

What is Venturing”  Fact Sheet

SPP Handbook

Your First Months

When You Need Help:

Scholastic Pistol Program Committee:  SPP@svmbc.org

If you want to be a member of the committee, email:  SPP@svmbc.org

District Executives:  Field@svmbc.org

Other SPP Resources:

Our local resource page:  http://wp.me/P40VsF-3al

Scholastic Pistol Program:http://sssfonline.org/scholastic-pistol-program-spp/#sthash.gvi6KoMA.dpuf

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundationhttp://sssfonline.org/about-sssf/

Midway Foundation:  http://www.midwayusafoundation.org/Grants

SPP New Crew Basics
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