Service Hours


Your council’s strategic long range plan (link) calls for a council-wide good turn where 60% of our units and membership participate.  Currently, according to the Journey to Excellence (JTE) records, we have far less of that being reported.

You can access the JTE data center through this link:

Data is recorded on the Good Turn for America website.  A unit access code is needed (the same one that is used for Internet Advancement).  If you do not have that contact 


We are currently meeting with major community partner organizations to determine what how Scouting might be most useful as a service organization to the Silicon Valley.  We are meeting with those involved in disaster preparation, ecology and conservation, homeless and hungry, parks, graffiti… quite a long list.  Two focus groups have been held with direct contact Scout leaders and members of the board to get feedback.

We know nearly every one of our Scouting units and probably all of our Scouts are participating in some service projects during the course of the year.  The Journey to Excellence website collection point is the current method to record those hours and projects until something easier comes up.   I would welcome any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the process so I can pass that along to the national staff and our local council good turn study group/technology committee.