The Biggest Council Scouting Event of the Year!

Saturday, May 13, 2017


History Park, San Jose (Click for History Park Website)
1650 Senter Road, San José, CA 95112 (Click for Map)
2017 Event Flyer

 Some NEW AMAZING booths include:

  • Giant Chess
  • Giant Checkers
  • Giant Jenga
  • Exploring Aviation Post
  • Exploring Fire Truck
  • Exploring Police Car
  • Snap Chat
  • Land Surf Lessons
  • The Tech Shop
  • San Jose Giants Game
  • Boulder Wall
  • Welding

What is Scout-O-Rama?

Scout-O-Rama is a large outdoor event where Scouting groups in our local community showcase games, crafts, activities, skills and more. All-in-all there are typically over 200 booths or activities at the yearly event, which amazes over 6,000 visitors.

Imagine thousands of scouts from all four counties coming together to show off the best of what Scouting has to offer to the community!

Scout leaders will leave Scout-O-Rama with months of activity ideas for their Troops, Crews or Packs. Scouts will leave with their heads spinning, full of the fun and amazing opportunities the Scouting program offers. Family members will leave happy, knowing that Scouting will make a difference in their child’s life.

Scout-O-Rama Guide Book

Ticket Sales

Scouting units sell Scout-O-Rama ticket cards which will grant a family gate admission to the event, but card sales will earn money for you Scouting unit!

Scout-O-Rama Card (North County)

Scout-O-Rama Card (South Counties)

Scout-O-Rama Power Point Presentation

Scout-O-Rama Digital Savers Guide 

Ticket Sales Agreement

Units earn a 30% commission ($3 for every ticket sold) on all sales! This can add up to hundreds of dollars very quickly! The $10 Ticket Cards are good for Scout-O-Rama entry for a family. Parking fees are not included.

Program Planning worksheet/budget and Sales goal calculator HERE


Awesome Prizes for every Scout who sells!

Unit Prize Order Form

2017 Prize Information

  • 30% commission rate means $3 per card sold
  • Every scout that sells at least 1 card, received a 2017 Scout-O-Rama patch
  • Each Scout who sells 15 cards receives and Aerobie Superdisc
  • Each Scout who sells 15 cards will be put into a weekly drawing for a FREE Council Camp in 2017
  • Each Scout who sells 25 cards receives a $25 gift card
  • Each Scout that sell 100 cards receives a FREE Council Cub Camp in 2017  or a $50 gift card
  • Each Scout that sell 250 cards receives a FREE Council Boy Scout Camp  in 2017 or a $125 gift card

Each camp is subject to availability for the 2017 camp season.

Booth Map and Information

Every Scouting unit in the council has the opportunity to host a booth at the event. It is a fun way to show off skills, crafts, games, activities and more with other local Scouting units. We encourage every one of our packs, troops, crews and explorer posts to host a booth!

We encourage all Scouting units to host a booth at Scout-O-Rama.

Online Booth Registration

Current Booth Map

Some popular booths include:

  • Box Hockey
  • Marshmallow Shooting
  • Raingutter Regatta
  • Water Rockets
  • Paracord Bracelets
  • Backpacking
  • Mountaineering
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Monkey Bridge
  • Rope Making
  • Tomahawk Throwing
  • And hundreds more…

Sponsorship & Advertising

Do you have or know a business that could benefit from advertising to the Scouting community?

The souvenir program is distributed to over 6,000 event participants.

Pricing for color ads:

  • $250 – business card
  • $500 – quarter page
  • $750 – half page
  • $1,000 – full page

Booth at the event $500. There is separate pricing for non-profit organizations.



For more information on Scout-O-Rama: coupon cards, booth participation, unit incentives, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, or anything else, please contact us at 408-638-8300 or email

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