Monterey Bay Trekkers

Overview of the Trekkers Hiking Program



The Monterey Bay Trekkers hiking program is an opportunity for Cub Scouts and their families to explore local hiking trails and parks in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. Through the Trekkers program, Cub Scouts and their families will also learn why health and fitness are important for a long-lasting and productive life.


How Do I Earn My Patches?


(1)   Before you go on any hike, your TOUR Leader must file a Tour Permit with the a Council. Online Tour Permits can be accessed by logging on to your MyScouting Profile. If you cannot access the Online Tour Permit, submit the paper Tour Permit Application at the end of this book.

(2)   Go Hiking! Choose any of the listed hikes and complete it with your Den or Pack.

(3)   Complete the patch order form (page 17) for all Scouts, Leaders, parents, siblings, and others who joined you on your hike.

(4)   Send the completed patch order form to the Council.



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