Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp

Having an outdoor experience is a key component for every Scout.  Cub Scout Day Camp is truly the best week of a Cub Scout’s summer!  Day Camp is a week long day-time camp adventure where Cub Scouts and parents experience a bigger part of Scouting.  Each camp offers a variety of activities, often including arts & crafts, games, archery, bb guns, sports and Scout skills.

Online registration discount – $10 per camp per youth during the month of March.

Online Registration and Registration Form

March 28th Kickoff to Cub Camp @ Mel Cotton’s! (Free)


2015 Cub Camp Placemat

2015 Location Map

2015 Sample Schedule Promotional Piece

2015 Cub Camp FAQ

Provisional FAQ

2015 Cub Camp Dates

District Name of camp Dates
Quicksilver Cub Camp Kick Off 3/28/2015
Coyote Creek Vietnamese Friendship 5/30-5/31
San Benito Fort Benito 6/15-6/19
Santa Lucia SL South 6/15-6/19
Quicksilver Morgan Hill Cub Camp 6/15-6/19
Pioneer Vasona 6/15-6/19
Pioneer Vasona Twilight 6/15-6/19
Loma Prieta Chenoa 6/22-6/25
Coyote Creek Lake Cunningham 6/22-6/26
Santa Lucia SL North – Toro Park 6/22-6/26
Loma Prieta Towaba 7/13-7/17
Loma Prieta Towaba Webelos Overnight 7/17-7/18
Polaris Stevens Creek 7/13-7/17
Quicksilver Lake Cunningham 7/20-7/24
Polaris Stevens Creek 7/27-7/31
Quicksilver Quicksilver Cub Camp 8/8-8/9

Volunteer Requirements for Adults

Cub Camp Staff Application 

Cub Camp Volunteer Agreement

All Day Camps and Twilight Camps:  An adult must attend at least two days of camp OR a pack must provide a ratio of 1:4, adult to youth, each day. Tiger Cub adult participation is explained below.

  • Cub Adventure Resident Camp:  A minimum ratio of 1:2, adult to youth, is required.
  • Webelos Resident Camp:  A minimum ratio of 1:4, adult to youth, is required.

Tiger Cub Notes

  1. When Cub camp literature refers to Tiger Cubs, it means Scouts who will be a Tiger Cub in the fall (incoming 1st graders). Current Tiger Cubs will be considered Wolf Scouts as of June 1st.
  2. Incoming Tiger Cubs require their adult partner to attend camp with them for all scheduled days. As it states on the BSA Youth Application, a Tiger Cub adult partner will participate in all meetings and activities.

Provisional Camper Notes

Provisional camping is an opportunity for families to send their Cub Scout to a Cub Camp Day Camp and pay an additional $100 in lieu of the two-day volunteer requirement. The additional fee will provide the camp with funds to hire an adult(s) to help the camp meet the Cub Scout to Adult 1:4 ratio and two-deep leadership requirements for NCS accreditation. Provisional camping is not available at resident camps. Families may continue to volunteer two or more days at camp. Packs may continue to provide the 1:4 volunteer ratio as a group. If you are working with your pack to provide adult coverage, you do NOT need to select the provisional option.

If opting for Provisional Camping, families should indicate “Provisional” on the line asking for the name of the adult attendee and include the $100 additional fee when calculating payment cost.

If you have questions regarding Cub Scout Day or Twilight Camps, please contact or 408.638.8300