Who Should Attend

The course is open to registered Boy Scouts and Venturers 14 years of age, or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade, and First Class rank (or equivalent for Girl Scouts and Venturing) , and under 21 years old while on course. Participants should be interested in developing their leadership skills, and open to new ideas, learning techniques, and styles of leadership. Participants must have Scoutmaster approval to attend (they must get a Participant Consent Form signed by their parent and their Scoutmaster or Adviser).

Participants must be experienced campers with good camping, hiking, and outdoor cooking skills. They should be familiar with the Patrol Leaders’ Handbook prior to arriving at camp, and have held a leadership position in their unit. They must also agree to spend the entire scheduled week actively participating in the NYLT course, and agree to live by the Scout Oath and Law. Adults are welcome to schedule time to observe the program in action.

Can Girl Scouts attend NYLT?
Girl Scouts are more than welcome to join the course but need to be registered in a Venturing Crew. If you are a Girl Scout and you do not know of any Venturing Crews, you are welcome to join Crew 551. The registration fee for the crew is $25 (set by BSA National & the council). Contact the course director for more information.

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